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The Colorado Ambulatory Surgery Center Association is committed to ensuring that surgery centers continue to thrive as a distinct model for the delivery of safe, affordable and advanced surgical services to Colorado’s health care consumers.

The Colorado Ambulatory Surgery Center Association is a statewide, nonprofit membership association representing the interests of the industry in Colorado and, by extension, nationwide.

Governed by the integrity of its members, CASCA focuses on four major areas to promote the health and welfare of the ASC industry:


* Lobbies for the industry at the State Legislature.
* Develops relationships with key lawmakers.
* Monitors legislation at the state and national levels.
* Conveys the industry’s message to regulatory agencies, state executive departments, and the congressional delegation.
* Advocates for insurance coverage and reasonable conditions of coverage by Medicare and private payers.


* Conducts symposiums, conferences, meetings to keep members current on clinical and administrative topics and trends that could impact the surgical practice.
* Maintains a web site for the continuous flow of information.
* Presents articles and insights written by professionals for professionals.


* Liaisons with other national and local organizations concerned with our state’s healthcare delivery system.
* Provides opportunities for members to develop relationships at periodic membership meetings.

Media Relations:

* Ensures that the ASC story is represented in the media.